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Latest Updates

11. May 2012

The new dress has been finished some weeks ago. And last week I had the time to buy some new flash and background equipment for our little studio. So, to try it out we did a short shooting with Merlot wearing the new pink dress, making her look like a doll.

03. March 2012

We successfully moved to the new server. The pages are all updated and complete. In the next days some finetuning will be done. In parallel, a new dress is under construction.

12. February 2012

OK, we're still on the old server, but completed some of the pages in between, corrected some errors and added some new photos.

Please note that this page is so far only tested with Internet Explorer and Firefox. I hope there aren't too many surprises when I try it out one day on Safari, Opera or Google Chrome. If you notice anything that looks weird or wrong, please let us know!

22. January 2012

As you might have realize we re-launched this page with a complete new design (... that you hopefully like...).
The reason is that we decided to move to another server, so this page might be dowen for some hours or days in near future. However, we can still affort to pay for the server, so we'll be back as soon as the moving has been finished.