Fetish Art Photography



Fetish Art Photography

The Project

We started with Fetish-Art-Photography in 2004 when we decided to share our passions for latex-fashion, corsets and heels with other people having the same interests.

Our intension is to create high quality and high sophisticated fashion- and glamour photos.
However, this shall not exclude the possibility to do some weird or bizarre shootings as well, but at the end of the day the resulting photos should come up to our aestetic expectations.

If you're interested in our work and want to purchase prints of the photos, just send us an email.

Please note that all images are copyright protected. As you may have noticed, this homepage is completey free, so that's our contribution to the latex world. Taking the images and glueing all the clothes took us a lot of work and spare-time, so please be fair and do not use or distribute them without asking for permission - that's what we expect as your contribution...

Latex manufacture

Yes - believe it or not - we love latex! A large part of the clothes you can see on the photos is made on our own. This ensures they are tailor-made and unique, so: we usually do not sell them! Taking into account the amount of time that is required to create them they would become too expensive anyhow :-)

However, from time to time we have to free up some space in our wardrobe. So if you see any dress, catsuit or whatever and you cannot resist, please drop us a line. We'll inform you when we decide to sell it.


If you are interested in a shooting with us, please contact us.